Sunday, June 10, 2007

The New and Improved BBBQ Race!

The 2007 Bicycle, Blues and Bike Race is set and the final race flyer is complete.

We have several highlights for this years race and we are hoping for a great turnout from from racers in Iowa and Minnesota!

New for this year:
+ 2,900 in cash payouts with 8 paid categories.

+ $1,400: Pro.1.2 will be racing for $800 paying 8 deep and Cat 3's will be racing for $600 paying 7 deep.

+ Closed Road Finish: We have approval from the county to have a closed road for the finish line and extra caution will be taken to ensure no vehicles enter the course. Only the final 1/2 mile will be closed and this will be well marked.

+ Improved Finish Line: Being a point to point road race many racers will not have had an opportunity to scout the finish line. This year the finish line will be well marked and racers will be able to see the finish from a distance.

+ No Waiting for Awards: Awards this year will take place at the finish line 30 minutes after results are posted (we hope and will do our best).

+ Parking at Finish: We will have more parking available at the Clear lake Water Works parking lot, but please carpool as space is still limited.

+ Refreshments and food will be available at the finish for the racers.

+++ Have we mentioned the HED. JET Wheel Set give away for one lucky racer who pre-registers?

Looking forward to seeing everyone in July!

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