Monday, June 4, 2007


Pigman Sprint Race Report provided by Steve Schurtz

"It was a dark and stormy night" ... Anyway, it was raining in the morning on the way out to the race, but by the time we got to the park, the rain had stopped. The sun came out just before the race started, so I switched to colored lens swim goggles. There wasn't much wind at all during the entire event. The weather remained beautiful for the entire race, but as the awards were being presented, dark clouds returned. Just as the last "door prise" was being drawn (a QR frame set), the rain started again as everyone ran for their cars.

Pigman was offering an extra $500 to the first person crossing the finish line, in addition to the regular prize money. So, they started the elite women about9 minutes before the elite men. The first finisher was a T.J. Tolliksos from Des MOines in a record pace of 1:01.

The race went well for me, better than any of the previous 4 times I'd done Pigman Sprint. I felt very comfortable in the water and really feel that the Total Immersion clinic I attended in February in Minneapolis helped me a lot.

The bike leg also went well, and I felt the benefit of the winter's training at spin class and the benefit of rides this spring, as well as good advise and
support from friends. The course is very flat, except for one good hill which you end up riding up both sides. The entrance to the park is at the top of the hill. I was able to maintain a good cadence without high pedal pressure and without standing on both climbs. I was actually able to pass several riders on each climb (although they were heavy riders on cross-bikes). I tried to not stand, as to decrease the chance of leg cramps on the run.

Fortunately, I had only minimal cramps during the run. I had concentrated on hydration and nutrition with Accelerade, Endurolytes, and gels. is a great resourse. (The new Gel Bot from Wayne's
is great. It holds two gel packets as well as fluid. By sucking with the cap down, you get gel; with the plunger up, you get fluid.) I was able to run the whole course continuously, an accomplishment for this poor runner.

Transitions went well, also. I felt more calm and less flustered during each transition. Also, I had no prerace jitters on the beach before the start. All in all, I was very happy with how I did. It doesn't look that great on paper, but it felt pretty good inside.

Hunter Callanan from Clear Lake, Curtis Vais (NIACC coach) from Charles City, and Jana Severson from West Des Moines (originally from MC) also participated. This was Hunter's first triathlon, and she did great. She came out of the water first in her age group. She's now a triathlete! Hunter had been hit by a car (actually she ran into a car that had pulled right in front of her by the seawall) in Clear Lake on Thursday, but she only got a thigh bruise and a liver contusion.

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