Monday, July 23, 2007

Bringing home the Gold, Silver and Bronze!

3-Golds, 1-Silver and 1-Bronze for NI SPIN!

North Iowa SPIN was well represented in the Iowa Games, including the Time Trials in Cambridge on Friday evening, July 13; the Triathlon in Ogden on Saturday morning, July 14; and the Road Races in Boone on Sunday morning, July 15. If you would like to see the entire listings of Iowa Games results, click here: Results

Madilyn Johnson showed her strength, coming home with a Bronze in the Time Trials. John Johnson had a very impressive time in the Time Trials, placing 6th behind an always tough field of 40-49 year old racers, which was won in a superb time of 28:48 by NISPIN standout Don Maschka. The speed of the 50-59 yr olds dropped of from Don’s time by about 2-1/2 minutes, where NI SPIN member Dale Blakestad came in 2nd to an old nemesis from Waterloo. Aging ahead one more bracket, Earl Hill showed his always competitive Time Trial attitude finishing just out of the medals at 4th.

In the Triathlon on Saturday at Don Williams Lake north of Ogden, Madi Johnson won gold in the 15 & Under Female category with a lead of nearly 17 minutes. It appears that her time would have won her a medal in nearly every age category for females. Other participants from Mason City and Clear Lake were Scott Holland, David Grooters, Paul Gordon (3rd in 55-59 Males), Hunter Callanan (2nd in 25-29 Females), and Chris Rogne.

On Sunday, the Road Race was tough on Don Maschka and Evan Peterson. Each was riding strong in their respective categories when they hit the pavement. Don and another rider were sharing those sometimes unavoidable hip and shoulder bumps, when Don suddenly went down. Almost as quickly as he went down, he was back on his bike and finished a strong 6th, riding alone just behind the lead pack. Evan’s wounds were not yet healed from the BBQ race when a rider a couple of lengths ahead dropped his chain and caused a small string of crashes. Fortunately, Evan was not severely injured; unfortunately, his bike took a hit and forced him to drop out. Dale Blakestad won Gold in his 50-59 yr old bracket crossing the finish line with the winner of the 40-49 yr old bracket. Another rider in the 50-59 bracket had to convince the race organizers that he was actually in the race. NI SPIN Racer Mark Dix finished tough in the 8th spot. Once again, Earl Hill hit the road strong. Actually, he had a medal for a short period of time. The logistics of the road race hit some high-tech snags, and it took a while to sort out the final results which at last placed Earl 6th. With the exception of minor finish line problems, the 2007 Iowa Games provided good venues for racing.

NI SPIN Results!

In the Time Trials at Cambridge on Friday evening:

Madilyn Johnson took 3rd in the Advanced 11-15 Female
Don Maschka took 1st in the Citizens 40-49 Male
John Johnson took 6th in the Citizens 40-49 Male
Dale Blackestad took 2nd in the Citizens 50-59 Male
Earl Hill took 4th in the Citizens 60-69 Male

Triathlon at Don Williams Lake north of Ogden:

Madi Johnson took 1st in the 15 & Under Female

In the Road Race at Boone on Sunday morning:

Don Maschka took 6th in the Individual (1 lap) 40-49 Male
Dale Blackestad took 1st in the Individual (1 lap) 50-59 Male
Mark Dix took 8th in the Individual (1 lap) 50-59 Male
Earl Hill took 6th in the Individual (1 lap) 60-69 Male

Due to an unfortunate pile-up, Evan Peterson was unable to finish in the Individual (2 lap) 20-29 Male

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