Sunday, March 16, 2008


What is a bicycle?

It’s a bucketa’ bolts, spokes, and steel,
And two rubber tires fulla’ air
But do you remember how it felt
When you got yur first one?
Oh, I do.
I saw it today in the eyes of my kid
‘Cuz his got big, just like I’m sure mine did.
Sometimes ya gotta git off an’ push
If that hill’s too steep,
Or take a different direction
If the bridge is out and the water’s deep.
And you can even pedal too far from home,
But home’s where the heart is,
And if it feels good,

Pedal on.

Danny Terry
Luckenback, Texas, USA

Danny Terry, Live from Luckenback playing for NISPIN

Words and image used by permission of author.

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