Sunday, March 16, 2008

What's the fuss, its just a rock.

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Day Three: Enchanted Rock and looking for Harry Loop
High 92 degrees and Clear Skies
Wind - 17-20 mph
Miles - 85

The memo in the morning read "Recovery Ride" and just about everyone got the message. Friday was a tough day in the saddle. We wanted to go north and check out the enchanted rock make a loop back to see if Harry was any where to be found.

We made it to Enchanted Rock just fine and have added Texas Park Rangers to our list of people who do not care much for Lycra clad cyclist. Let's just say the heat must have gotten to them. The rock was neat but it was just a rock (Guess I'm still holding a grudge from that 'B' I received in geology).

We had the entire group out on this ride and we were bound to keep it together to the finish. By time we made it to the Willow Loop half the group wanted to take the direct route back and the rest took another stab at climbing the wall and to see if Harry made it back from vacation. Luck for group two Harry was back he was in a pretty good mood!

The ride back to F-burg proved to be a challenge for everyone and there would be no Luckenbach ride today.

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