Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The first indoor cycling session for SMETICS/North Iowa SPIN was held on Tuesday, 11/18, at Dimensional Graphics / Wellborn Industries on South Pierce. 32 people attended, and the event was covered by the Globe Gazette. Thanks to Matt, Andy, Evan, Larry, Earl, Hunter, and everyone else who helped set up and register. Also, a big thank you to Tim for all the work he's put into this, although he was not able to attend the first or second sessions. Aside from problems with the audio system, the event was pretty smooth. We will be moving the bikes to another part of the building prior to the next class. We have had several people volunteer to lead class, so the workouts will be varied and challenging. The people in the front row look pretty tired during the first workout; they should have put more miles in on the the saddle this summer.

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