Friday, December 5, 2008

Giving back...

North Iowa Spin had the idea to adopt a family and would like your help to make this the very best Christmas it can possibly be for them. The gifts will be from all three organizations: NITC/NISPIN/MC2

Over 500 Families had requested help from the Salvation Army this year for Christmas.

Please bring items to the NISPIN Class or make arrangements with myself.
If you want to make a cash donation please make checks payable to the Salvation Army or if a non-perishable food item is more along your line we will make sure it gets to a food pantry.

Deadline will be Tuesday, December 16.

Do not wrap the items and including a gift receipt would be a good idea.

North Iowa Spin will also make a cash donation to this family and the Salvation Army as well as well.

Here is the family we will be adopting.

A single mother expecting a baby sometime in December has been off work for awhile do to complications. Currently income for the month is very, very low. The mother will have a baby girl sometime in December if you wanted to include her, but that is up to you. Any new items along this line would be much appreciated as well.

6 year old girl
Shoe size 3
Shirt 7-8
Pants 7
Toy ideas
Baby Doll

8 year old girl
Shoe size 4
Shirt 10-12
Pants 10
Toy ideas:
Little Pet Shop
Art Stuff

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