Monday, January 26, 2009

SPIN riders in Des Moines Register with Gary Fisher

Gary Fisher, pioneering mountain biker developer, was the featured speaker on Saturday night at Bike Night, the 4th annual dinner and silent auction fundraiser, a project of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition. North Iowa SPIN was a sponsor of the event. Representing North Iowa SPIN and North Iowa Touring Club were Tony Nelson, Dave Delperdang, Mark Dix, Earl Hill, Tim Putnam, Steve Schurtz, and Bill and Becky Neill.

During the day on Saturday, Gary Fisher was at "meet and greet" events at Ramsey Subaru and at Bike World. The following article and photo were in the Des Moines Register on Sunday. Read it here.

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North Iowa SPIN said...

Was very cool to meet a person that has truly created/changed an entire industry. People like this just think a bit different then you and I and GF does meet this profile, plus he has definitely had more mind altering experiences then I have!