Monday, March 9, 2009

1st Annual North Iowa Spin Swap.

We will be holding the 1st Annual Swap meet this Saturday the 14th from 9:30 – 10:30 at the Spin location - 1620 South Pierce .

This is immediately following spin class. Please get the word out that if people have any bike / tri gear they would like to get rid of this would be a great opportunity. Bring used or unused bikes, bike gear, tri gear, ski gear, clothing, etc. Tag it with their name and how much they are asking and bring it to the spin location by 9:30. I would also recommend an envelope that the purchaser can place the money in if they are not going to stay. In fact, this would be a great time for people who have not attended spin class to come give it a try.

Please post items that you plan to bring in the blog comments section.

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North Iowa SPIN said...

Couple items to be sold:
-Iowa Jersey.
-Fleece Long Sleeve Jersey.
-Classic Skis, Poles and Boots.
-Classic Bianchi TT Bike w/ Mavic components and HED. disc wheel rear wheel and 24inch front wheel.