Sunday, December 13, 2009

XC Ski North Iowa!!! AWESOME!

Trails at Pilot Knob
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Hey everyone!

UPDATE: Lime Creek is now groomed - think snow!

We took the sled and groomer to Pilot Knob (map) on Saturday in hopes of being able to pack some trail to last for a good long time given the recent snowfall. Worked for about 4 hours I’d say. The long and short of it….WE HAVE AN AWESOME MACHINE!

It was a great experience with regard to getting our feet wet with the snowmobile and groomer. And frankly I think we groomed a much harder trail than Limey. There were some wind blown near bare areas on the road that we shoveled to create a lane. There were also some VERY drifted areas too. It is amazing how the groomer can create a pretty good level surface with repeated runs over the surface.

The road in the Knob is groomed. Some skied it this AM and reported back that the trail was “the best I’ve ever seen it.” We hope to continue to be able to get to the Knob as well…with some more snow…and grooming this trail could last all winter. We also found that if we can pack it down the effect of recreational snowmobile “damage” to the skate trail is much less.

If you are skiing over there encourage the local folks to let the Park Ranger know how much they are enjoying this “new” grooming that is being done.

Have fun ya’ll,

Todd Juhlin

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