Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Decorah Time Trials 2010

After much debate and watching of various weather sites and channels, the group of Mason-Cityans not already camped out in Decorah decided to make the trip east to partake in the 20th Anniversary running of the Decoarah Time Trials. Along for the ride were NI Spin members Seth Bell and Evan Peterson, along with Eric Follmuth, Ruben Weaver, and Don Dewalle. Aside from Seth, all of the just mentioned riders were enjoying their first ever mountain bike race. All of these first timers owe themselves a huge pat on the back for not only doing well, but for braving the 48 degree chilly wind, spotty rain and treacherous trail conditions. Also in attendance was NI Spin member Mike Campbell, and other Mason City mountain bikers Al Searle and Dave Neel, who had been camping in Decorah since Friday, scoping out and riding the trails before Sunday’s race.

This year’s Time Trials, always held rain or shine, offered a little under 11 miles of single track with about 3900 feet of total climbing. Due to the wet weather, the plentiful roots, logs, and off-camber sections of trail were greasy and difficult to keep sure-footed traction on. The climbs were steep, slick and brutal, requiring most riders to tackle them on foot. The gut-wrenching, make you wanna puke and go cry to your mommy climbing started about 400 meters into the race, with a long, long climb to the top of the bluff on greasy, root-laden trails… there were more foot prints than tire tracks on this stretch of course. In between the knee-popping climbs, there was amazing singletrack, with switchbacks, tight sections of trees, log piles, soft pine forest and rippin’ downhills. A cross-over area in the course mid race featured music, drunk people grilling and hollering, and a nice creek crossing on either end of a long climb and a technical decent. Even with the rain, the course was not shortened in length, and finished along a fast section of trail along the river, and veteran racers to this event appreciated the “classic” placement of the finish line this year.

At the end of the day, all of the boys from M.C. had a great time, with no bad crashes or mechanical problems, and everyone made it across the finish line.

Placing is as follows, with 87 overall finishers:

Seth Bell: 1st place in age class, 6th place overall.

Evan Peterson: 4th place in age class, 24th place overall.

Ruben Weaver: 2nd place in age class, 36th place overall.

Mike Campbell: 5th place in age class, 38th place overall.

Al Searle: 6th place in age class, 58th place overall.

Eric Follmuth: 6th place in age class, 67th place overall.

Dave Neel: 10th place in age class, 79th place overall.

Don Dewalle: 12th place in age class, 86th place overall

Great job to everyone that dug their tires into the dirt of Decorah; it was a great day, and it was awesome to see so many racers from here in Mason City there!