Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Fling Race Series - Lawrence, KS

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Kelly and I traveled to K.C. for Easter weekend, and I decided to jump into the Spring Fling Race held at Clinton Lake, as I just happened to have my trusty Trek Madone all loaded up and ready to go. The weather was much better than the 8-10 inches of snow that showed up there two weeks ago, when I was looking to get some spring miles in around the Lawrence area.

I have not pulled the trigger to upgrade yet and lined up with 19 other Cat 4 racers. I know I'll get a bunch of grief about this sooner than later, but I have only 300 miles on the road so far and just would like to get a few races under my belt.

The race went very smoothly, and I meet some great guys. The race was as clean as you can get - smooth lines and no crashes or even close calls. With two primes, I was looking for a group to try to roll off the front, but this never materialized. With about 4-5 laps to go, two guys went off front, one guy (I'll call him the pony tail dude) was his 5th-6th attempt off the front, and this time joining him was a Junior from SKC Racing Team. The peloton seemed content to let them go with none of the teams interested in pulling them back.

With three laps to go, the teams started to animate things, and one of the two top points leaders from Bicycle Shack Racing in the series made a very strong move. I knew I had to go. With the legs feeling a bit tired, I was just not able to close the gap as quickly as I would have liked; we still had 2.5 laps to go. I whistled and got his attention, and we were soon working together. The pony tail dude did not have the legs to make it to the finish line, and we passed him in the final back stretch. The junior was having a great ride, and he held on for a nice win. The points leader took second, and I came in third.

It was a great day to sneak away for a race, and I was glad I did. What a great group with whom to race!


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