Wednesday, June 23, 2010


BBBQ Race Flier Updated June 23 Until we add a on-line option for 60+ category,
please mail your entry to:
Bicycle, Blues and BBQ Race
P.O. Box 332
Clear Lake, IA 50428

Maps Road Race:

42 Mile Road Race Course

82 Mile Road Race Course


Anonymous said...

Is a crit map available? Any consideration to let 60 plus riders have a 2 minute delay start so it could be a true 60 plus race and no assistance from 50 plus riders if caught? Signed racing age 70.

North Iowa SPIN said...

Thanks for the message! Just posted the Crit map above. We added the 60+ cat with a cash purse to promote this category and will depend on the numbers that show up. The referees typically make this call about start gaps and no assistance rule. We could possible manage giving a small gap tracking who works with who is very tough to enforce.

Hope you still plan to come race!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous:

Did you notice the 60+ women who competed in the 50/60+ event?

Glad you stopped by to watch!