Tuesday, February 8, 2011

City of Lakes Loppet

The City of Lakes Loppet is a 33 kilometer race with seven "waves" and approximately 140 participants per wave. Skiers were placed into the waves based on their speed, with wave 1 being the fastest. Evan Petersonand Joel Yunek were placed into wave 2; Robert Polking was in wave 3; Dwight wave 5; and Andy Johnson was placed in wave 6.

The overall winner of the City of Lakes Loppet was Minnesota resident Matt Liebsch with a time of 1:21:17. Evan Peterson finished first for the Mason City team with a time of 1:51:43. Peterson placed 200th out of the 1086 participants. The average time it took a participant to complete the Loppet was 2:19:25.

Evan Peterson 1:51:43
Joel Yunek 2:00:53
Robert Polking 2:03:09
Andy Johnson 2:22:53
Dwight Beavers 2:47:18

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