Tuesday, March 8, 2011


(from Bicycling.com)
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Falling in puppy love, graduating high school, the birth of your child--nothing compared with your first case of road rash and these 108 other momentous occasions in the life of a cyclist

01. Realizing that the hill isn't in the way; it is the way.
An essay by Mark Levine

02. You go from one pair of shorts to a dedicated drawerful.

03. Being unable to sleep the night after you first shave your legs, because of the tingle of bedsheets against your skin.

04. When "thanks for the ride" goes from something you overhear to part of your lexicon.

05. You see someone at the beach tanned low on the quads and biceps, and give him a nod of recognition.

06. Bonking so bad you don't think you'll be able to make it home.

07. Discovering how a convenience-store Coke can resurrect the dead.

08. Starting and finishing a ride—the same one—in pouring rain.

09. When you hang out at the bike shop and no one expects you to buy anything.

10. When your bike computer registers triple digits for one ride.

11. Clearing a log on a the trail.

12. You embrocate.

13. Staying with the paceline long enough to take a turn at the front.

14. You're on the bike for the fifth straight day, and your butt doesn't hurt.

15. You try bibs and realize you can never go back to shorts.

16. You stop riding beside and behind the pack and instead ride inside of it—with no claustrophobia.

17. You swing off the front of a paceline before you get tired.

18. You blow a snot rocket without hitting your shoulder or leg—or the rider behind you.

19. You notice that someone else has the chain grease on his right calf.

20. You get stuck in your pedals and topple over at a stoplight.

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