Monday, July 11, 2011

Monson & Sons Trucking/Bicycle, Blues, & BBQ

Thank you everyone for participating in the Monson & Sons/Bicycle,
Blues, & BBQ race weekend and for all the wonderful compliments. Each
one is truly appreciated. We have a very dedicated race committee that
works extremely well together and really enjoys putting on this event.
Our volunteers are amazing and are willing to stand under the hot,
baking sun for hours at a time. To our long time sponsors who believe
in what we are doing and are willing to invest in our event. Finally,
we want to express our thanks to Monson & Sons Trucking, who came on
board without really knowing a thing about cycling, racing or our event.
To Ron and Ben Monson, and to all of you - THANK YOU!


Thank you,
Tim Putnam
Earl Hill
Steve Schurtz
Dave Delperdang
John Johnson
Curt Sauve

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