Tuesday, September 20, 2011

North Iowa Spin Donates to CGRT and NIN

North Iowa Spin, represented by President Dave Delperdang, presented a check for $3,000 to Cerro Gordo Recreational Trails via Casey Martin to be used for more trail development in our area. The Iowa DNR as announced that further funding will be available for development of another section of the trail on the southwest side of Clear Lake. The trail will be extended over the Ventura grade, according to Casey. The Spin money will go toward that project, also.

Spin also has given funds to North Iowa Nordic to purchase another tracksetter for XC skiing this winter. Currently, NIN has one tracksetter which is transported between Lime Creek and Pilot Knob. Now, each location will have equipment on site, so that the volunteers will not spend time moving the equipment. That will give them a lot more time for training and representing NIN and Spin/MC2 at events this winter. For more information on that, please contact joel@masoncitylawyer.com.

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Steve said...

These funds were generated by our indoor cycling classes and the BBQ races. We thank all the volunteers that helped with each of these.