Monday, July 9, 2007

2007 Bicycle Blues and BBQ Road Race - Clear Lake Iowa

July 8, 2007


131 Racer

Placing, last name first name team


1 Zirbel Tom Priority Health - Bissel
2 Sheedy Brian Priority Health - Bissel
3 Anderson Lane Cycling Team
4 King Robbie Priority Health - Bissel
5 Priebe Clark Team Mack Paper Co.
6 Waugaman Louis Cycling Team
7 Thompson Tracy Atlas Core Cycling
8 Deninger Paul Mercy-Specialized
9 Venteicher Lee Cycling Team
10 McCullough Cody Powerade - Independent Fabrication
11 Lippold David Cycling Team
12 Olney John Mercy-Specialized
13 Walker Sean Atlas Core Cycling
14 Nelson Jonathan Powerade - Independent Fabrication

Category 3

1 Fairbairn Scott Cycling Team
2 Madsen Joshua Team 14 Productions Cycling Team
3 Kloss Alec MBRC/Flanders
4 Hoffman Nathan Bianchi/Grand Performance
5 Mettler Mark MCT/Tonka
6 Friday Jason Powerade - Independent Fabrication
7 Schuchart Ross Cycling Team
8 Maharry Christopher Unattached
9 Kisch Anthony Iowa City Cycling Club
DNF Albracht Ben Webcor/Alto Velo
DNF Fore Christopher S & W Racing
DNF Price Adam Mercy-Specialized

Category 4

1 Hansen Chris Team 14 Productions Cycling Team
2 Eppen John Iowa City Cycling Club
3 Osterloh Jared Cycling Team
4 Kealey Brendan Unattached
5 Basso Pete Cycling Team
6 Henry Chet Unattached
7 Putnam Tim North Iowa Spin
8 Neil Thad Team 14 Productions Cycling Team
9 Robinson Steven Cycling Team
10 Peterson Evan North Iowa Spin
11 Taylor Tim Unattached
12 Juhlin Todd Powerade - Independent Fabrication
13 Hailstone Neil Loon State Cyclists
14 Mitchell Brent Cycling Team
15 Noyes Richard Mercy-Specialized
16 Logan James Cycling Team
17 Lewis Timothy Loon State Cyclists
18 Briggs Chad International Christian Cycling Club
19 Brent Monte Powerade - Independent Fabrication
20 Farrell Brian Team 14 Productions Cycling Team
21 Klahsen Douglas Iowa Orthopaedic Center Race Team
22 Fry Jeremy Iowa City Cycling Club
23 Carrico Jimmy Iowa City Cycling Club
24 Linn Brent Powerade - Independent Fabrication
25 Curtis Matt North Iowa Spin
26 Moritz Bryan Double I Cycling Experience (DICE)
27 Bailey Derek Unattached
28 Fish David Cycling Team
29 O'Brien Andrew Powerade - Independent Fabrication
30 Rolle Robert Loon State Cyclists
31 Current Lee Iowa Orthopaedic Center Race Team
32 Christen Carson HBA Racing Team
33 Nelson Geoffrey Powerade - Independent Fabrication
34 Jensen Pete Cycling Team
35 Farrell Jeffry Team 14 Productions Cycling Team
36 Congdon Christopher Bike Tech Racing Club
37 Johnson Michael Bike Tech Racing Club
DNF Robinson Scott Cycling Team
DNF Johnson Andy North Iowa Spin

Category 5

1 Kunze Kristopher Unattached
2 Reynolds Steve Iowa Orthopaedic Center Race Team
3 Buchanan Carl Unattached
4 Stocker Daniel Unattached
5 Johnson John North Iowa Spin
6 Versteegh Robert MBWC
7 Lynn Michael Unattached
8 Bauer Carl Unattached
9 Reuscher Steve North Iowa Spin
10 Osmundson Christian Unattached
11 Korell Jordan Unattached
12 Rennie-Fowler Graham Unattached
13 Thacker James DMOS/Bike World Race Team
14 Schwerin Chris Powerade - Independent Fabrication
15 Hurt Dale Unattached
16 Lewis Randy Unattached
17 Westman Kevin HBA Racing Team
18 Isaak Brad North Iowa Spin
19 Varnum Paul Team 14 Productions Cycling Team
20 Searle Al North Iowa Spin
21 Vander Zyl Tony Unattached
22 Dix Mark North Iowa Spin
33 Riley Patrick Unattached
DNF Huseboe Gavin Unattached

Master 40

1 Loomis Shawn
2 Lauber Steve
3 Wall Scott DMOS/Bike World Race Team
4 Greigg Robert Powerade - Independent Fabrication
5 Griggs Brett Mercy-Specialized
6 Buss Jeffrey Unattached

Masters 50+

1 Eaton Tom Central Iowa Cycling Club
2 Jones Randy Central Iowa Cycling Club
3 West Kim Cycling Team
4 Arnold Colan DMOS/Bike World Race Team
5 Gilmore Richard Bike Tech Racing Club
6 Delperdang Dave
North Iowa SPIN
7 Blakestad Dale North Iowa SPIN
8 Off Bruce Unattached
9 Dockal James Unattached

Masters 60+

1 Adamson John Bike Tech Racing Club
2 LaGrange Edward Two Bee Racing
3 Dahlstrom Price Unattached
4 Brock Tommie Pfeiffer Cycling
5 Juhlin Jerry Unattached

Womens 1.2.3

1 Miller Amanda Atlas Core Cycling
2 Riessen Jane Mercy-Specialized
3 Meyer Anne Mercy Specialized
4 Zierke-Clark Julie DMOS/Bike World Race Team
5 Leroux Nicole DMOS/Bike World Race Team
DNS Venteicher Andrea Atlas Cycling

Womens 4

1 Porter Kathleen Bike Tech Racing Club
2 Stierler Karen Two Bee Racing
3 Douglas Lacey DMOS/Bike World Race Team
DNF Larsen Jane North Iowa Spin


1 - W Johnson Mady North Iowa Spin
1 -M Delperdang Geoff Unattached
2 -M Merrit Parker Unattached


Mark Guthart said...

I'd like to extend a very big thank you to everyone who made today's
race such a success. I know Tim, Earl, and Heather certainly were a
part of it, but really only the tip of the iceberg.

Having not come to the race in the past, it was tremendous to see that
each race had their own lead motorcycle and follow truck lined up and
ready to go (and with some to spare no less!). It was tremendous
seeing the course marked so well and the great turnout of volunteers.
I truly can't thank everyone enough.

I would also like to thank the BikeTech team for letting me and my
"assistant" hang out, bunk up, and share in the weekend. We had a blast!

Thanks again!

Mark A. Guthart
Iowa City, IA

John Adamson said...

Tim and Friends - Thanks for a really great event. I think you have a wonderful race and a tremendous future. Personally - and the team had a really good time. Your club looks and performs like it is in fine shape.