Thursday, July 5, 2007

Water Bottles and Feed Zones!

It will be HOT Sunday - 94 degrees. So, please BRING any SPARE WATER bottles you have and we will TRY to arrange neutral water support at the feed zones for the P.1.2.3 race. We will also have bottled water to hand up tot the riders. Everyone not racing we could use your support to staff the feed zones!!!! We already have close to 50 volunteers who will try to ensure all riders safety. Please help us at the feed zones!

Pro/1/2, 8,200/150/125/100/75/60/50/40
Cat 3,7,150/125/100/85/60/50/30
Cat 4,6,100/80/70/60/50/40
Cat 5,5,Awards
Master 40+,5,125/85/65/55/45
Master 50+,4,85/65/50/25
Master 60+,3,75/50/25
Women 1/2/3,4,75/50/25
Women 4,3,50/30/20
Jr Men,3,Awards
Jr Women,3,Awards

There will be a wheel vehicle for every "group" on the road.


Carson said...

Just one question....will there be wheel trucks for the 4's race?

Thanks, I am very excited for the race!!!

North Iowa SPIN said...

Yes, we will have wheels vehicles for every race group on the road.