Friday, October 10, 2008

Race Reimbursement for 2007-08

Race Reimbursement Form

Qualified Members will be eligible for the following incentives:
1. Purchase of all team clothing at cost.
2. $50 cash discount toward the purchase of a NI team kit.
3. Race reimbursement of up to $100. All races after the third sanctioned competitive event qualify for race reimbursement.

Qualified NI SPIN Team members are defined as members in good standing
and have maintained the rider’s contract during the past year to include:
1. Maintained annual membership with NITC and NI SPIN.
2. Purchased a current team kit and donned during all race events.
3. Maintained an annual racing license with a sanctioned organization.
4. Race in three sanctioned races.
5. Volunteered for locally organized events.

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