Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We have finalized plans for indoor cycling class!  We will be spinning at Wellborn
Industries, 1620 South Pierce, thanks to the help of Paul Gold of Dimensional
Graphics. They are in the process of moving machinery to Stoyles Printing, so
we will be able to start on November 18. We had hoped to possibly start
earlier, but they have had some delays. I think this will be a great location
and a great space for us. It is heated and has convenient access. We will be
in the north building, with entrance on the middle of the south side of the

Our fee structure will be similar to last year with season passes and punch
cards (with or without trainer usage). You will need a current NITC membership
as well. Trainers will be available through Matt Curtis at Wayne's Ski & Cycle.
Classes will again be at 6:30PM on Tuesday and Thursday, as well as 8:30AM on
Saturday. We are always looking for volunteers to lead class.

We will plan to open up at 6:00PM on Tuesday, November 18. We can use help
unloading the trainers from Matt's trailer, registering, and setting up
equipment, etc. Remember your checkbook for registration. We'll start with a
relatively easy class. Some people have been riding a lot this summer, and
others are ready to get going again.

We looking forward to starting the season ("Start Me Up"/"Feels Like The First
Time") and seeing lots of people there on the 18th.

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