Sunday, May 31, 2009

2009 Clear Lake BBBQ Route Pro/1/2/3 - New

A few of us ventured out on Saturday morning to check out a new route that we have drawn up for the BBBQ Road route for the Pro/1/2 and 3 categories. Due to road construction west of Thornton we needed to come with a new route.

The new section will take the riders south of Thornton on Hwy 107 and then east to Sheffield, south to Chapin (where the Feed Zone will be located), back to Hwy 107 and north to Thornton. The remaining part of the course will be the same as years past. Racers will find some silk smooth blacktop with numerous rollers.

If there is a northwest wind this will be a difficult 2nd half of the race course. For us riding the course on Saturday we experienced a riders worse case scenario of switching winds. We started into the wind with a SE wind and you could feel the wind change with every turn we made. Ending with a strong NNW wind @ 23mph It was a grueling day in the saddle.

The finishing stretch has been know for it pots holes, is currently being refinished and we will have a brand new road for the finishing stretch. This is a welcomed upgrade for all of us who ride the Clear Lake loop on a regular basis. Big thanks goes to our County engineer and County Supervisors for getting this often complained about road fixed! It will be a sweet-sweet finish!

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