Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The pimp, the animal and the softie dominate at BC Tri!

North Iowa Spin / River City Racers had a great showing.

The race was held at Don Williams Park north of Ogden. The lake was very dirty and we came out of the water looking like raccoons after taking off our goggles. The bike section of the Sprint distance was an easy ride with rolling hills. Tail wind out, head wind back. The Olympic distance ride was epic; wind and fighting the hills of the Des Moines river. There were three hills that all dwarfed Breathless. Hunter’s training obviously has paid off! She is an animal! I’m still a ‘softie’ and insist on putting on socks. That was the difference between 2nd and 3rd. I guess it is time to toughen my feet up so I can complete the run without socks but still make it to work on Monday.

Hunter Callanan:
1st Place in the F30-34 age group;
5th Overall in the Olympic Distance

Madi (Pimp) Johnson: 1st Place in the F15-17 age group;
19th Overall in the Sprint Distance

John Johnson: 3rd Place in the M45-49 age group;
42nd Overall in the Sprint Distance

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Keep riding, keep racing!

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